Crane Trail

Beginning of the route in Wolsztyn in the City Park, where it is worth to find the oak with reliefs - copies made by a Wolsztyn sculptor Marcin Rożek, murdered in the Auschwitz camp in 1944.

Then the trail goes by:
- Karpicko,
- ecological use of the "Backwaters at the Dojca",
- picturesque forest settlement Morskie Oko,
- the nature-forest path "Chorzeminskie Bagno".

Finally, through the meadows and forests, we reach Wolsztyn, buildings on street Bohaterów Bielnika. On the right we pass the open-air museum of folk architecture of Western Wielkopolska, where in the area of 3,5 hectares objects and exhibits from the area of the Wielkopolska-Lubuskie border have been collected.

Behind the open-air museum the memorial of the slaughtered in 1939 Wolsztynnian. Follow the path to the picturesque bridge at Dojca, then turn left into street The river and promenade are all the time we reach the oak tree in the City Park, where our trip ends.

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